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Old Fashioned Ice Cream Made on the Premises Since 1982

Historic Downtown Burlington City, New Jersey
(609) 387-9786

We have been providing a quality homemade product in an old fashioned atmosphere for almost 40 years.  We pride ourselves on quality, not only of our ice cream but of our service as well.  We make more than the ice cream – we also make water ice, homemade waffle cones, and of course our whipped cream.

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12PM-9PM Monday through Thursday
12PM-10PM Friday through Sunday

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Our Story

UMMM Ice Cream Parlor first opened it doors on August 6th, 1982. Our story began when my father went to renew his registration at motor vehicles, which at the time was in Burlington City. While there, he met up with a friend, who had a business in town, and they started to talk. In conversation the subject turned to the building we are currently in. “Wouldn’t that be a neat place for an ice cream parlor?”, the friend asked. My father came home and told my mother about the idea. Mom said “no way!” Dad stood his ground and got reminiscent and said “no, it will be great…” Mom again said “no!” And so…

Our Menu

There are a few items we are famous for: PB Fudge Sundaes, UMMMers, homemade Belgian Waffles and our homemade waffle cones. We have traditional items such as Floats, Ice Cream Sodas and Banana Splits. It all comes together when you add your favorite ice cream flavor, over 18 to choose from, and your choice of over 25 toppings.

Our Flavors

We typically offer over 18 flavors of ice cream. Nine of those are what we call Basics and always have them – unless you eat it faster then we can make it! We have additional 10 flavors that we call Specials. These flavors change throughout the season.

Ever thought about creating your own flavor?

Local Events & Parties

In addition to local street fairs (including the famous Wood Street Fair, which draws upwards of 30,000 people to Burlington City!), we also do offsite events and private parties.

The Ice Cream Making Process

All of our flavors start with an all natural ice cream mix. This is the mother of all flavors. Wherever possible we stay with all natural flavorings and ingredients or use real fruit for the flavor. When people see our strawberry for the first time, they say kindly, “I ordered strawberry?” Why, because it is naturally flavored, so it isn’t bright pink! But that’s just the final product…the process is so much more!


Located in historic downtown Burlington City

Find Us Locally:
Ummm Ice Cream Parlor
236 High & Union Streets
Burlington, NJ 08016

Train Ride: Hop the RIVER LINE to Burlington Towne Centre stop, just a one block walk from station towards the Delaware River.

Contact Us:
Local: (609) 387-9786
Toll Free: (855) 387-9786

E-Mail: info@ummmicp.net